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Technology Venture

OTM Technology Ventures is the investment arm of OTM, Inc. Our mission is to identify and invest in early-stage companies with innovative new technologies that advance our vision and create value for OTM and our clients.

In addition, our portfolio companies often benefit from access to product, technology, engineering talent, and business relationships that can help validate solutions and accelerate success in the market.

What does the tech economy mean for investor?

As we advance into 2017, OTM believe investors looking to benefit from technology and should broaden their view of what today’s technology companies represent. Growth in portfolios can come from technology, but also from sectors that are often overlooked.

Seed Fund

We invest seed and capital growth in innovative technology businesses with the ambition and potential to become international market leaders. We’re proud to be the leading China technology ventures investor.

From Technology Seed Fund we can:-

    • Structure equity investments
    • Support technology start-ups, spin-outs and IP rich
    • Companies move towards commercialization

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